Amazon Essence

The Amazon Essence is a pivotal transformational remedy easing one from the old dynamic to the new and connecting us back to the energy and wisdom of Gaia.

The is remedy has the ability to help you be aware of, and tune into, and prepare for the immensity and the totality of the massive changes that are happening in nature.

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Amazon Essence

Amazon Essence 30ml $29.95

The Amazon Essence is the third Light Frequency Essence and was made in the Botanic Wilderness National Park, Nova Airum, Brazil, on the shore of an island on the Rio Negro River.

The Amazon Essence:

• Allows one to access a doorway to consciousness that is beyond matter.

• Anchors the divine feminine and masculine within us.

• Assists you to read and speak the language of nature. 

• Enables you to flow more easily through life, to be effective and active but not attached, building 

  up your Aura of love and acceptance.

• Enlists new ways for our senses to perceive afresh, enabling us to comprehend, interpret and align

  to all new energies being released.

• Helps you to be aware of, tune into, understand and prepare for the immensity and totality of the 

  massive changes that are happening in nature.

• Strengthens our connection to the Elementals and the natural world.

Administering the Essence

The Light Frequency Essences work best when taken individually one Essence at a time. The Essences should be taken for a minimum period of two weeks, seven (7) drops from the dosage bottle, taken under the tongue, on rising and retiring.  At the end of that period you can either repeat this Essence or commence the next Essence. 

It is highly recommended that the Antarctica Essence be the first of the seven Light Frequency Essences to be taken, and you work through each Essence sequentially  – Antarctic – Artic – Amazon – China – Lake Baikal – Madagascar and finally Mt. Pinatubo.  

This chronology allows for the flowing expansion of our reality and consequently paves the way for fully utilising the unique qualities of the other Essences – greatly enhancing and activating them. To do otherwise will appreciably reduce the effectiveness of the results.

Are they safe and can anyone use them?

These Essences are completely natural. They are perfectly safe, free from side effects and adjust to the needs of the individual taking them. It is not possible to overdose on them. These Essences can be used by adults, pregnant women, children and animals. 


Light Frequency Essences are very hardy: however there are some precautions that should be taken to keep them at their best. 

· Never store Essences near electronic equipment ie mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, clock radios and televisions. 

· Don’t store in full sun for long periods or in other places where they will get excessively hot, such as the boot of a car. Occasional exposure to such conditions will not harm the Essences but long term it could reduce their efficiency.  

· Always close the bottle immediately after use and don’t allow the dropper to touch the mouth or other parts of the body as that could contaminate the Essences when it is returned to the bottle. 

Descriptive text supplied courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved.