Crown Chakra Essence

The Crown Chakra focuses our attention on the spiritual meaning of life and is the centre for our highest spiritual consciousness and personal expression.

The Crown Chakra also governs the brain, hypothalamus, nervous system and pituitary glands.

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Crown Chakra Essence

Crown Chakra Essence 30ml $29.95

The seventh of the seven main Chakras is the Crown Chakra.

Located on the top of the head and connected with the Pineal Gland, this Chakra when balanced, carries the consciousness of pure awareness connecting us with Source. It opens us to the greater world beyond material existence and connects us with the timeless space of all knowing. 

The symbol of the lotus flower has always been related to this Chakra and to the state of enlightenment that we can achieve through reaching this level of consciousness. 

Colour of Influence: Violet

Element: Spirit

Body Sense: All senses

Inner AspectRelease of karma

Self AspectTransmutation

Relates to: Violet, Pure Awareness, Spiritual Connection and the Integrated Spiritual Body.

This is the final essence in the Chakra Essences Range.

Use the Essence if…

Imbalances that may benefit from using the Crown Chakra Essence

Fear of all things spiritual

Fear of death

Lack of faith

Blocked intuition



Constant frustration

Destructive feelings

Inability to manifest physical needs

Feeling of disconnect from spiritual source

Feeling of disconnect from others

Lack of inspiration



Imbalances that may benefit from using the Crown Chakra Essence

Frenetic worship

Spiritual addiction

Dissociation from body

Dissociation from the world

Excessive purity, righteousness


Rigid belief systems


Learning difficulties


Self indulgence

Health issues that may benefit from using the Crown Chakra Essence



Neurological or endocrine disorders

Right-brain/left-brain imbalance

Right eye blindness; right eye vision problems


Multiple sclerosis



Multiple personality disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder


Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)

Parkinson’s Disease

Brain tumor

Brain aneurysm





Administering the Essence

The standard Essence dose of 7 drops from the dosage bottle, under the tongue, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  These times of the day are powerful periods for the psyche, and at the same time they make it very easy for you to remember to take them or give them to your children or animals.

Are they safe and can anyone use them?

These Essences are completely natural. They are perfectly safe, free from side effects and adjust to the needs of the individual taking them. It is not possible to overdose on them. These Essences can be used by adults, pregnant women, children and animals. 


Chakra Essences are very hardy: however there are some precautions that should be taken to keep them at their best. 

· Never store Essences near electronic equipment ie mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, clock radios and televisions. 

 · Don’t store in full sun for long periods or in other places where they will get excessively hot, such as the boot of a car. Occasional exposure to such conditions will not harm the Essences but long term it could reduce their efficiency.  

 · Always close the bottle immediately after use and don’t allow the dropper to touch the mouth or other parts of the body as that could contaminate the Essences when it is returned to the bottle.