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We realise that your appearance and overall wellbeing is important which is why we provide you with as much beauty and health advice as we can.

If you have a passion for all things that make you feel beautiful, makeup, nails, skincare and beauty we would love to share our knowledge with you through our monthly blog posts. 

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A teenage girl looking inn the mirror squeezing a pimple

Conquering the Zit Zone

Conquering the zit zone is not easy, especially when you’re a teenager or when you’ve got your period. Pimples are more common during teenage years and monthly cycles because of hormonal changes. How to deal with a pimple depends on what kind it is, but in general you should avoid

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blonde woman with a sad face holding a mask with a smiling face

12 secrets to feeling happier

If you feel sad more often than you’d like to admit, or feel that you have nothing to smile about, here are 12 secrets to feeling happier in your life. With the arrival of the New Year, now is the best time to focus on changing your life for the

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new year, resolutions

8 Good Luck Rituals for a Happy New Year

Once the clock strikes midnight, and Auld Lang Syne has been sung, New year is traditionally the start of new beginnings.  Use these 8 Good Luck Rituals to help change the energy of the upcoming year! Follow these 8 good luck rituals to get your New Year off to a

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women passed out in a bathtub after a late night

How to look your best after a late night

After a long night of partying, your skin and hair may bear the brunt of excessive celebrating.  Follow these 6 tips to help you cheat fatigue and teach you how to look your best after a late night. Tip #1 Calm Blotchy, Red Skin Too many glasses of champagne coupled

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assorted berries in the shape of loveheart

10 foods to help promote longevity

In order for our mind and body to function properly, they need a regular supply of high-quality nutrients. By eating these 10 foods you will help to promote longevity. #1 Berries Berries provide many health benefits and are credited to their abundance of antioxidants.   Some of the many benefits of

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