Body Balance Massage

If you are feeling out of balance receiving our Body Balance Massage is a great way to give your body, mind and spirit a well needed “tune-up”.

To harmonise your spiritual and physical self, call or text us for a massage appointment today! 0419 806 803

Now more than ever, we are all seeking emotional and physical balance within our lives. For some of us, just getting through each day can be a real challenge. Fear, Anger, Grief and Stress can not only zap our energy but create energy blocks potentially causing dis-ease.

This massage works on the emotional, physical and energetic levels balancing and clearing the energy centres, as well as releasing chronic tensions within your body. It is the ultimate healing treatment to calm your mind, relieve your body, cleanse yoour energy field whilst nourishing your soul.

You no longer need to feel stressed, stuck, tired, drained…take some much needed time out to experience this vibrational healing massage which combines Relaxation Massage together with ancient energy healing techniques from Reiki and Seichim.

Some of the healing benefits from receiving this treatment may include:

Relaxation of tension and stress
Deeper meditation
Lowering of blood pressure
Relief of aches and pain within the body
Accelerated healing of wounds and fractures
Improved pre-and-post surgical outcomes
Enhanced mental perception
Release of blocked emotions
Insomnia relief


  • Body Balance Massage 60 mins

If you want to feel calm and centered, experience more happiness, love and joy, experience less worry, anger, anxiety and sadness, book in for a Body Balance Massage today! 0419 806 803

Please note ALL Massages are Non-Sexual