Brow Henna Services

With our Brow Henna Service, we are devoted to creating beautiful brows that you will wear with total confidence. 

Brow Henna

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and we believe the Brows are their picture frames. 

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2 women wearing henna tint on their brows

Brow Henna is suitable for any skin type and hair colour making the colour options endless.

  • perfect for resident grey/white hair

  • encourages new hair growth

  • lasts on skin 7-14 days

  • last on hair 4-6 weeks

  • we offer a shade for everyone because we are all special and unique 

Brow Henna is a professional eyebrow colouring service, providing lasting tinting for eyebrows and surrounding skin with a tattoo-like effect.

Our range can be customised to suit every hair and skin colour.

The consultation is designed to establish what brow shape and colour you desire, once an outline is sculpted, the henna colouring process begins finishing with a eyebrow shape/wax.

Your appointment will depend on whether we are doing an initial brow sculpt which takes around 60 minutes to complete or a brow maintenance appointment which takes approximately 45 mins.

During the entire processing time, you will get the opportunity to lay down, relax, and even have a snooze.

Dye can last up to 3 weeks on both the skin and hair.

​Henna can last up to a huge 6 weeks on the hair and 3 weeks on the skin.

Henna is suitable for both men and women.

It’s the perfect solution for eyebrows that are greying, overplucked, balding or barely there.

For beards that have uneven colouring or are starting to turn grey.

Anyone who loathes pencilling in their brows each morning.

Anyone who feels unwell or has a fever

Skin that is sunburned or windburned will need to heal first

Faces with cuts/wounds/abrasions should wait for wounds to heal

Anyone who has Eczema or Psoriasis in the brow is contraindicated

If you’ve never had Henna applied to your skin before, it is highly recommended to arrange a patch test.

For a true result, before the initial brow sculpting process can be performed, Henna should be applied to the test area and then wait the recommended waiting time of 24 hours after application.

We will choose an area behind your ear and in the crook of your elbow, (which are sensitive areas) to apply the product.

The henna will be left on the skin to process for a minimum of 10 minutes so that it will stain the skin. The stain will be washed, dried and covered with a flesh-covered small bandaid and you can go about your day.

The henna should be left alone and covered for a minimum period of 24 hours.  Waiting the 24 hours will determine whether the patch testing comes up with a positive result (which will result in irritation, swelling or inflammation of the skin) in which case the service would not proceed or a negative result that produces no skin reaction which would allow the service to go ahead.

If you are planning a Spray Tan, Henna Brows must be applied 24-48 hours AFTER your spray tan has been applied.

So please arrange your beauty appointments accordingly.

Yes, the service can be performed but as Henna does not adhere well to scar tissue the results directly over the scar will be unknown.

Anyone who has scars on their eyebrows should be aware that the results will vary.

There have been no studies in relation to complications with Henna and Pregnancy.

However, pregnancy can make a woman more susceptible to allergic reactions and she will not be able to take antihistamines if there is a reaction.

Therefore, patch testing is highly recommended.

With a refreshed colour it is much easier to colour match brows, we recommend having your brow appointment AFTER you have visited your hairdresser, but the choice is yours.

A rich palette of neutral shades, which can be applied separately or combined with each other, giving endless colour options.

We can custom an ideal colour combination to suit your skin type and hair colour.


Before and After Eyebrows painted with henna

Brow Henna is a professional eyebrow colouring service, providing lasting tinting for eyebrows and surrounding skin with a tattoo-like effect.

Includes initial consultation, full brow assessment and Henna Brow Design and application.

To enhance your natural brow service includes an eyebrow shape and wax.

To keep your brows perfect, we recommend scheduling 4 weekly maintenance appointments.

Maintenance appointments include Henna colour re-application and an eyebrow wax.

Patch Test

If you haven’t tried Brow Henna before we recommend having a patch test a few days prior to having the service.

As Henna is being applied to your skin, near your eyes, we recommend before the initial brow sculpting process is performed, we recommend doing a patch test.

During a patch test we will apply henna to the crease of your arm and behind one ear, then cover it with a skin-coloured bandaid allowing you go about your day.

Once the recommended waiting time of 24 hours has passed, and no allergic reaction is present, the Henna Application can be performed.

Brows are an important frame for your eyes and with our Brow Henna Service, we promise your brows will be tailored to suit your face shape. 

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