White Light Essences

“The White Light Essences have been bought through by spirit to help us invoke and access the realm of Nature and Spirit within ourselves so as to more fully explore and understand our spirituality and fulfill our highest potential”. Ian White, Founder, Australian Bush Flower Essences

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There are seven Essences in this range:  

The first four essences relate to the elements and help us to connect, embody and master each element while also aligning us to the Nature Spirit of the particular element. 

The next three help us to connect with the highest part of ourselves as well as the devic and angelic realms. 

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Water Essence

The Water Essence helps you release emotional disharmony. It allows you to let go of the past and keeps you from remaining closed off after a traumatic experience.

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Earth Essence

The Earth Essence encourages patience and fosters a connection to nature. It’s a grounding remedy that helps you to find your direction and move forward with purpose and clarity.

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Fire Essence

The Fire Essence embodies the ancient healing qualities of Katajuta. It helps burn off the unwanted in your life.

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Air Essence

The Air Essence empowers you to make tough decisions and is excellent for stress and trauma. It will help you see the overview, while it enhances your inner knowing.

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High Self Essence

The Higher Self Essence helps you to tap into sources of ancient wisdom and knowledge. It connects you to earlier incarnations during meditation or the dream state.

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Devic Essence

The Devic Essence makes you less concerned with problems. It helps you feel more passionate about your path and calms stress and connectedness.

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Angelic Essence

The Angelic Essence allows contact with spiritual wisdom. By creating mental clarity it empowers especially within relationships and stressful situations, and clears out past negative patterns.

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