Our Beauty Extras provide you with helpful tips and tricks on all aspects of nails and beauty including step-by-step guides to skincare, nail care, make-up application, plus DIY beauty recipes. 

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Following our our simple to follow tips and tricks within our Beauty Extras page will make your personal care routine effortless not to mention save you alot of guesswork. 

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Our DIY Beauty Recipes are easy and fun to make plus you are removing nasty chemical.

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DIY Beauty Recipes

Our DIY Chemical Free Home Cleaning Recipes will help you nurture your family whilst removing nasty chemicals from your home.

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D.I.Y. cleaning recipes

Take a holistic approach to everyday symptoms and find your way back to good health.

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D.I.Y. Wellbeing INDEX

These tips will make it easy for you to live your best life.

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health & Wellness INDEX

Our Makeup Tips Index is complete with our easy to follow step-by-step and how-to guides.

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makeup tips index

Our Nail Care Index is complete with easy to follow step-by-step and how-to guides on how to care for your nails.

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nail care tips

These nail care products are essential if you want to have healthy cuticles and strong nails.

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Nail Products

You will fall in love with the latest Nail Polish Trendz and best of all they are so affordable.

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nail Polish trendz

Discover step-by-step, how-to guides, secrets and tricks on all aspects of skin care.

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skin care index

Our Skin Type Index discusses the different skin care needs that each skin type requires.

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skin type index

Would you like to sip your body back to health? It is possible with healthy smoothies and juices

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smoothie/juice recipes

Our What’s New page is dedicated to anything new and exciting in the nail and beauty industry.

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What's New?