Spirituality Essences

Spirituality is all about one’s journey to aligning to the spirit world.

These powerful Essences will create vibrational harmony by helping you work at a deep level with the pattern and subsequent issue(s) that most affects your spiritual growth.

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Please browse our range of Spirituality Essences:

Aura Protection Essence

Aura Protection Essence $29.95
This Essence protects your Aura from negative vibrational energies. It provides a protective seal around your energy field clearing negative emotional, mental and psychic energies. 

It restores balance to your energy field and changes the vibration in each of the Subtle Bodies. This remedy maintains psychic protection and is excellent for people who are drained by others or those who unconsciously absorb the physical and emotional imbalances of others. 

An excellent remedy for Carers, Healers, Body Workers, Light Workers, Nurses and Massage Therapists.

Clairaudience Essence $29.95 NEW!
This Essence helps one to hear the words of the ‘angels’ and your own Higher Self more clearly; cuts out negative entities and any of the messages that they may be feeding you. Helps ‘hear’ on higher levels. Helps one to align to higher learnings and receive insights; telepathy, and helps one to attune to other life forms and realms.

Clairsentience Essence $29.95 NEW!
This Essence helps one to sharpen intuition. It opens you to, and increases your trust in, your own “inner knowing”. Helps one to get in touch with the rhythms of the Earth and nature. Supports those with a strong intuitive sense. Highly recommended for those who have the ability to sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits, and places around them.

Clairvoyance Essence $29.95 NEW!
This Essence helps one to “see”. It helps to open the Third Eye Chakra, allowing you to trust and be aware of the spiritual – what lies beyond the five senses. Helps attune one to be more receptive. Helps one to access your Higher Self so you can better hear your own inner wisdom. Opens the Crown Chakra which in turn leads to greater awareness and intuition.

Enlightenment Essence $29.95 NEW!
This Essence helps where the energy of trying to conform to your traditional family’s way of religion or spiritual practice is stunting your own spiritual growth. Helps clear confusion and fogginess in spiritual life. Aligns the Subtle Energy Bodies (being suddenly disturbed while Astral Travelling, either in deep sleep or meditation). Helps prevent sabotaging your own spiritual growth.

Healers Essence $29.95 NEW!
This Essence is for those who are in full-time home caring or professional healing situations who are in danger of burning out from the constant demands and responsibility of looking after others. This Essence can be rubbed into the palm of the hands prior to doing any hands-on healing. For enhancing your intuition whilst doing a healing treatment. To help establish healthy boundaries between the healer and their client. This Essence prevents the healer from taking on the negative energies of those whom they work with.

Inner Child Essence $29.95 NEW!
This Essence addresses Mother and Father relationship and related issues. Helps one to comes to terms with self-love and acceptance. Helps one to get in touch with the child within and to play and be playful. To help resolve deep hurt and pain that is often carried around in Adulthood but not dealt with.

Karma Release Essence

Karma Release Essence $29.95 NEW!
This Essence helps one to release all lines of Karma. It opens the Crown and Heart Chakras to the greatest magnitude of love which in turn can transmute Karma. 

Helps clear the lines of Karma between people so that they do not need to interact with each other and pay-back old scores in this lifetime. 

Helps resolve deep hurts from a very early incarnation, which has been carried around in the psyche—usually at the level of the outer causal body—ever since.

Manifestation Essence $29.95 NEW!
This Essence helps one to manifest all that their heart desires. It enhances the ability to hold fully in the present a clear image in creative visualisation. The more you can see and focus on what you want and the more you see yourself in that situation, having it or doing it, the quicker and easier it will be to manifest in your life. Helps with life purpose manifesting; making it much easier to manifest and move along on your path. If you tell the Universe that you want a car, it is happy to give you one, but it is not its fault if it gives you an old trusty bomb when you really wanted a new sports convertible – just because YOU FORGOT TO BE SPECIFIC!.

Mystical Dreams Essence $29.95 NEW!
This combination facilitates in dream retrieval and dream recollection. During our sleep time we are able to gain valuable insights from our guides and teachers on the astral levels as well as clear and balance our subtle energy systems. This Essence will help us to understand the deeper meaning of our dreams and bring about patience to work with our dreams which will help us to live a more creative and balanced life.

Total Recall Essence

Total Recall Essence $29.95 NEW!
This combination helps one to remember and recall instances and aspects of previous lifetimes. 

Helps clear negative lines of karma which emanated in previous incarnations. To heighten awareness and recall of events from a past life – where it is appropriate and beneficial to do so. 

This Essence also addresses emotional states, grief and alienation, that have been carried into this life from a previous incarnation.

Formulation: Biogenic flower essences, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system