Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing is a holistic way of unfolding all the potential that you have access to as a human being.

Chakra Balancing

By opening and balancing the Chakras, we can moderate karmic patterns; and with their help, we can grow beyond our basic instincts and attain higher planes of consciousness.

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What are Chakras?

Known as the Aura or Etheric body, subtle bodies surround the physical body enfolding it within protective energy. Chakras are energy centres that run up the spine to the crown of the head, linking subtle bodies to the physical body.

Each of these seven Chakras are associated with an area or organ of our physical body, and vibrates at a specific colour wavelength. They absorb and distribute the vital energies throughout the Etheric and physical forms. 

If blocked or overactive, Chakras create disharmony, and if left untreated, overtime can lead to physical, emotional or mental dis-ease.

Having a Chakra Balance can:

Balance energies in the Chakras
Increase organ and gland functions
Cleanse toxins and blocked energies
Promote a state of total relaxation
Reduce stress
Re-establish spiritual equilibrium well-being
Re-establish mental well-being
Release blocks
Relieve pain, muscular disorders and nervous disorders
Strengthen life force energy
Vitalise the Mind, Body and Soul 


  • 30 minute session
  • 60 minute session
  • 90 minutes session