Wellbeing Essences

Our Wellbeing Essences will help you take a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

Well Being Essences

They will help to create vibrational harmony by helping you work at a deep level with the pattern and subsequent issue(s) that most affect your physical, mental and emotional well being.

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Anger Release Essence

Anger Release Essence 30ml $29.95

This combination helps dissolve held-in anger, resentment, judgement, impatience, bitterness, arrogance, hatred, jealousy, grudges and rebelliousness. Enhances inner peace, humility, forgiveness, acceptance, love, compassion, trust, openness, respect and objectivity. It helps us to express anger in a healthy way and to develop sound boundaries. This Essence helps open the doorway to forgiveness.

Arthritis Relief Essence 30ml $29.95

Arthritic pain can interfere with daily living and it is important to manage pain and minimise its negative impact on your quality of life. Some say arthritis affects those who hold onto anger and resentment from the past and that will make a person feel stuck and limited. This combination helps relieve the physical discomfort associated Arthritis as well as support one emotionally

A-Tish-oo Essence

A-Tish-oo Essence 30ml $29.95 

This Essence will promote a fast clearance of buried emotional patterns. Emotional energy is a powerful creative force – literally energy in motion. Our emotional responses to life can be based on unconscious negative belief patterns that continue to fuel our emotional response until they are released and cleared. Many people are afraid of their emotions, particularly those that they consider ‘negative’ and unconsciously suppress them creating a build up of stuck energy that blocks the subtle energy system and Chakra points. This combination frees the ‘held-in’ tears of the emotional body so they do not manifest through the physical body as Hay fever, Sinus, runny noses etc.

Balance Essence

Balance Essence 30ml $29.95

This Essence helps one to “see”. It helps to open the Third Eye Chakra, allowing you to trust and be aware of the spiritual – what lies beyond the five senses. Helps attune one to be more receptive. Helps one to access your Higher Self so you can better hear your own inner wisdom. Opens the Crown Chakra which in turn leads to greater awareness and intuition.

Body Love Essence

Body Love Essence 30ml $29.95

This combination helps you love and accept your body exactly as it is. It helps you to be comfortable in your own skin, be happy with the way you look and helps you feel good about yourself. This Essence clears self sabotage, and helps you to open up to full sensual enjoyment in intimate relationships.

Body Rejuvenation Essence

Body Regeneration Essence 30ml $29.95 

This combination supports the body’s return to optimum health. After illness, injections, antibiotics or anaesethics, this Essence will restore the Immune System to optimum functioning. It decongests and detoxifies the body, boosts the Immune System and helps protect against disease while helping to prevent cellular damage.

B.P. Essence

B.P. Essence 30ml $29.95

This Essence addresses Mother and Father relationship and related issues. Helps one to comes to terms with self-love and acceptance. Helps one to get in touch with the child within and to play and be playful. To help resolve deep hurt and pain that is often carried around in Adulthood but not dealt with.

Breathe Easy Essence1

Breathe Easy Essence 30ml $29.95 

This combination helps change the patterns of shallow breathing. For those who have a fear of being smothered by life. For those who feel they are not worthy, this Essence increases self love and self acceptance. Gives us a sense of belonging and helps us to become self reliant and not be affected by other people’s opinions.

Change Essence

Change Essence 30ml $29.95

This combination assists with the process of accepting major changes in our life. A subtle formulation specifically targeted to help us come to terms with major life changes and transition periods. This remedy encourages acceptance of new ideas and helps to break down rigidity of entrenched patterns of thinking. Encourages open-mindedness, and helps us to let go of attachments to misconceptions or prejudices of the past. Increases our ability to make changes that honour our self and increases our sense of self-worth. Encourages a state of tranquility and mental clarity to help us cope with all forms of change.

Cholesterol Imbalance Essence

Cholesterol Imbalance Essence $29.95

This combination may help to balance a Cholesterol Imbalance. This remedy may help to reduce LDL levels (low density lipoprotein) which is the ‘bad’ cholesterol that clogs your arteries and carries cholesterol to the body tissues. May help to increase HDL levels (high density lipoprotein) which is the ‘good’ cholesterol that cleans the artery walls and transports the cholesterol to the liver for metabolism and excretion.

Circulation Booster Essence

Circulation Booster Essence $29.95

This combination works on the Circulatory System by helping increase Circulation to the extremities. It may help to improve circulation and reduce swelling. Is an excellent essence if you have swollen ankles or cold hands and feet. An essence to consider if you or a loved one are about to undergo a hip replacement or knee reconstruction surgery.

Cold & Flu Release Essence

Colds & Flu Release Essence $29.95 NEW!

This combination is for anyone who suffers from recurrent Colds & Flu. This remedy has a powerful action on the Lymphatic System as it cleanses and detoxifies the body and boosts the function of and supports the Immune System. If you take this whilst you have a cold it will help lessen the symptoms and duration of the cold.

Courage Essence

Courage Essence $29.95

This combination may help to release feelings of insecurity, shyness, fear of responsibility, terror, and panic. It helps us refrain from being easily discouraged, drained, disheartened and despondent. This remedy gives us confidence, courage, tenacity, boldness and the inner strength to overcome challenges. Enhances self reliance and self approval.

Depression Release Essence

Depression Release Essence $29.95
This combination may help to combat the deep despair associated with depression. Gives one the strength to cope with life’s challenges. This Essence may help to expose your negative thinking and behavioural patterns and help you release them. It helps you to express your feelings without indulging in or denying them.

Fatigue Release Essence

Fatigue Release Essence $29.95

This combination helps us to release the feeling of being drained, weighed down physically, mentally and emotionally. It enhances the ability to embrace life more fully with enthusiasm, enjoyment and renews our interest in life.

Forgiveness Essence

Forgiveness Essence $29.95

This combination helps us forgive ourselves and to forgive others. It assists one to let go and move on from pain and betrayal. It helps us to develop unconditional love and acceptance, thereby opening the way to forgiveness of anyone whom you feel hatred, anger, or suspicion towards. If you have been betrayed by someone close to you; it is the Essence for you.

Goddess Within Essence

Goddess Within Essence $29.95

This Essence is for women who want more from life; who want to find their connection with themselves, fill a missing space and get in touch with their core self. The Goddess Within Essence is a journey into yourself, where you’ll discover who you really are, and that the path you have chosen, is the right one.

Grief Release Essence

Grief Release Essence $29.95

At some point in our lives we all face major life challenges. Some of the more common difficulties we go through in life are relationship breakdown, job loss, loss of a loved one, retirement, personal injury or illness, change of financial state or a child leaving home. The grieving process is an important part of dealing with such challenges. Nothing can or should stop this grieving process. This combination will help make living with it a little easier by providing support to help you deal with some of the more commonly experienced emotions during the grieving process.

Harmony Essence

Harmony Essence $29.95

This combination promotes co-operation, spontaneity, optimism, appreciation and enjoyment of self and of others. It enhances communication and social interaction by helping us to express our feelings with ease. This remedy encourages inner peace and personal freedom. Highly recommended during festive occasions and family gatherings.

I.B.S. Essence

I.B.S. Essence $29.95

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a clinical condition characterised by a combination of abdominal cramping, bowel irregularities, increased colonic mucus secretions, bloating, gas and general discomfort. This combination helps with the symptoms and discomfort of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

Inner Critic Essence

Inner Critic Essence $29.95

The Inner Critic is the part of yourself that criticizes everything you do, doubts what you do, doesn’t think you are good enough, feeds you negative thoughts, is cynical, is never satisfied, and is a perfectionist. This combination helps us to recognise and release the Inner Critic. Once the Inner Critic is released, you will be less affected by other people, and will feel more in control of all aspects of your life. It enables us to allow acceptance of self and of others. 

Inner Joy Essence

Inner Joy Essence $29.95

This combination helps us to release negative thoughts. It revitalises and renews enjoyment of life. This remedy opens the heart and helps us to reconnect with our inner child. Renews the ability to face life with spontaneity and joyful expectations.

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Insomnia Essence $29.95 NEW!

Insomnia is an extremely common complaint and can be divided into two categories sleep onset insomnia – difficulty in falling asleep and sleep maintenance insomnia – waking during the night with difficulty returning to sleep. This combination helps provide relief from insomnia and helps to promote a restful sleep.  

Personal Growth Essence

Personal Growth Essence $29.95

This combination helps release negative family patterns, guilt, pain, rigidity, obsessive thought patterns whilst enhancing self esteem, creativity, focus and clarity. Enhances intuition and spiritual discernment.

Personal Power Essence

Personal Power Essence $29.95

This combination helps us to tap into our inner strength. Enhances self reliance, giving us motivation towards our life’s direction and purpose. Helps us follow our own convictions with integrity. Brings emotional balance and gives us the strength to leave unpleasant situations.

Quit Now Essence

Quit Now Essence $29.95

This combination helps release addictive patterns, habits and self destructive behaviour. Addictive or obsessive behaviour often stems from energetic blocks in the Sacral Chakra. Some of the more commonly recognised forms of addictive behaviour are dependency on tobacco, recreational drugs, alcohol, food, relationships or work. This Essence will support you by enhancing courage, decisiveness, focus and willpower. 

Relaxation Essence

Relaxation Essence $29.95

This combination helps us to let go of stress, anxiety, worry, impatience and obsessive thoughts. It enhances the ability to cope with life’s many challenges in a calm, focused and objective manner.

Release Me Essence

Release Me Essence $29.95

This combination helps us to let go of negative beliefs, family patterns, toxic relationships, prejudices, judgments, comparisons and narrow-mindedness. It encourages us to embrace new ideas and beliefs with a broader perception and a fresh sense of hope and freedom. 

Self Esteem Essence

Self Esteem Essence $29.95

This combination helps ones to increase self-worth, self-love and self-confidence. It addresses feelings of being “stuck”, feelings of hopelessness and feelings of unworthiness. Highly recommended for those who feel disempowered, often dominated by others, and are unable to assert themselves in the world. 

Snore No More Essence

Snore No More Essence $29.95

Restful sleep is important for us all. If you or your partner suffer from snoring, this is the essence for you!  This combination is effective in stopping snoring and enhancing a restful night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams Essence

Sweet Dreams Essence $29.95

Restful sleep is important for us all, especially whilst we are undergoing periods of change and growth. This combination will help to clear the underlying issues and patterns that can lead to restlessness, insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns. This remedy addresses the issues of irritability, depression, emotional disturbances and poor memory which are all common effects of insomnia.

Trust Essence

Trust Essence $29.95

This combination helps us to develop trust in our self and in others. It encourages us to embrace life more fully with faith and courage. Helps us to release past and present distress. Encourages us to trust our intuition. Imparts a sense of inner peace and knowledge that we will always be looked after. 

Weight Loss Essence

Weight Loss Essence $29.95

This combination will help support you with your weight loss goals. It encourages you to release subconscious blocks that are stopping you from losing the excess weight. Helps you to commit to and stick to a diet and exercise regime. This remedy will help break old dietary habits, and help you move forward with vitality. It increases your energy, helping you with your stamina during exercise.

Formulation: Biogenic flower essences, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system