Crystal Healings

Crystal Healing is a method of healing that requires crystals to be placed on or around the body. Crystals help to clear and release negative energy thereby assisting in the energy healing.

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Crystals have been used to heal, balance and restore by working on the principle that every cell in the human body vibrates at its own specific frequency. When these natural frequencies become unbalanced, we experience discomfort and dis-ease.

What are Crystals?

Crystals transmit and receive energies. They transmute and transform, attract and repel. They protect or heal, attract abundance and help create self love. It is no wonder that ancient people were so much in awe of Crystals. Can be used to treat water, food, plants, human beings and animals.

What are Crystal Healings?

Healing does not begin in the physical body but in the subtle bodies, of which the physical body is only a reflection; since Crystals are capable of reflecting energies from the lowest to the highest, it becomes possible to treat all the subtle bodies simultaneously.

Crystal Healings are often performed as contact healing; that is, where a Crystal (or Crystals) are placed on the physical body, directly into the energy of the subtle bodies. The Practitioner diagnoses the area of energy disturbance, and places the appropriate Crystal (or Crystals) onto that area, where the appropriate healing energy—stimulating, balancing or tranquillising is transmitted and amplified by the Crystal, helping to harmonise and balance the body’s frequencies back to its optimum, healthy levels.

Crystal Healings can:

Balance Chakra energies
Boost intuition
Cleanse Aura
Create peace and relaxation
Disperse negative energy
Enhance health
Increase confidence and self worth
Rebalance energy
Reduce stress
Relieve pain
Strengthen life force energy
Vitalise the Mind Body and Soul


  • 30 minute session
  • 60 minute session
  • 90 minute session