Designer Nails

Designer Nails are the latest nail trend. 

If you are the kind of girl who must have the latest shade of nail polish then you will want to try Designer Nails.

For a set of the hottest nails in Adelaide call or text us today to book an appointment 0419 806 803 

We stock an assortment to suit any occasion or mood. Choose from cute florals, quirky prints and many more unique designs that are trending everywhere overseas.

Try our range of the coolest Designer Tips and give your nails some attitude!

These Designer Tips are glued to the ends of your nails and then clear acrylic is placed over your nails to hold the tips in place. Then the tips are shortened and shaped to suit your personal preference.

Designer Tips are the perfect choice for a special occasion or wear them for your next holiday.  


  • White French Designer Tips 60 mins
    If you are into crisp white nails are your thing then these tips will suit you perfectly.
  • Coloured French Designer Tips 60 mins
    If you are into bright colours then these tips wont disappoint you.
  • Pattern Designer Tips 60 mins
    If cute florals, quirky prints are more your thing then you will love our stock of unique designs.
  • Tip Removal (soak off) 30 mins
    When it comes time to remove them we use a gentle soak off process which does not damage your natural nails.
If you want to make a statement - let your 
Designer Nails
 do the talking for you!