Ear Piercing

We offer a safe and comfortable ear piercing service, lobe only, for individuals 5 years and over. as well as advice on how to care for your earrings at home, to ensure your piercings are free of any complications.  

Whether you want one or multiple ear piercings, call or text us today to book your appointment  0419 806 803

We use the Caflon Blu Ear Piercing system which provides Hypo-Allergenic Earrings that are non-allergenic, pre-sterilised, health authority approved and nickel compliant. 

We stock a range of Caflon Hypo-Allergenic Earrings  including plain studs and popular birthstones in either gold plate or titanium – a lustrously strong white metal, titanium is pure light weight and nickle free making it comfortable to wear and 100% hypo allergenic.

Please Note: We require parental permission and attendance for individuals under the age of sixteen.  Young children must have had their final immunisations.


  • Single Piercing 15 mins
    Includes earring
  • Par Piercing 20 minutes
    Includes earrings
  • Antiseptic Ear Care Lotion
    $ 9.95
    Optional (but highly recommended)

At Home Care

Once pierced, all new earrings should also be cleansed with Antiseptic Care Lotion to maintain healthy pierced ears.

We recommend the lotion be used three times a day without removing the studs for a minimum period of 2 weeks after piercing.

Antiseptic Care Lotion is tested and proven effective against bacterial infection. 

Contains Benzalkonium Chloride 1.3mg/mL


antiseptic lotion 125ml
Antiseptic Lotion