10 Everyday Aphrodisiacs

October 1, 2018

Try any or all of these 10 Everyday Aphrodisiacs to inspire your next meal.

All of these foods have reputations as libido-boosting aphrodisiacs.  


Different cultures throughout history have known the aphrodisiac qualities of certain foods. 

Try these foods and fire up your sex drive!

#1 Raw Cacao

Chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac and contains a ‘bliss’ molecule called anandamide, is rich in libido-boosting methylxanthines and full of ‘love chemical’ phenethylamine. In addition, cacao is high in arginine, which boosts nitric oxide and blood flow needed for all the right body parts to become aroused.

#2 Ginger

Another great circulatory stimulant, ginger is a wonderful health tonic and has a history of use for sexual arousal and warming the erogenous zones. Regular dietary intake has also shown to increase testosterone levels, the hormone needed for both male and female libido.

#3 Maca

A traditional plant root used as a libido stimulant in Peru for centruries, this powder can be added to smoothies or cooking and when taken regularly helps lift low libido, in both men and women due to its hormone balancing effects.

#4 Chilli

The spice of life. If you want extra circulatory stimulation, turn up the heat with capsicain from chillies. This phytonutrient increases blood flow and warms the entire body from the inside.

#5 Oysters

Not just a wive’s tale, researchers found oysters contain a unique amino acid profile that promotes dopamine production as well as libido hormones. High in amino acids D-asapartic acid (DAA) and N-methyl-aspartate (NMDA), oysters also contain good levels of zinc and selenium, which help with healthy testosterone levels, all of this providing fuel for libido in both men and women.

#6 Watermelon

Rich in the protective phytonutrient lycopene and the amino acid citrulline, a precursor to arginine, this juicy fruit may give good old Viagra a run for its money. The citrulline content of watermelon promotes nitric oxide production, which improves blood vessel relaxation and vasodilation, particularly effective for men.

#7 Pumpkin Seeds

Seeds in general are great for hormones and pumpkin seeds (or pepitas), are particularly high in zinc, good fats and protein, which helps to induce a great big surge of dopamine for a relaxed mood.

#8 Pomegranates

Pomegranate juice contains a unique array of antioxidants and anthocyanins, which help to promote blood flow and virility. Research has shown it assists with male sexual performance in particular. Also known as nature’s candy, pomegranate is a great addition to desserts and salads.

# 9 Coffee

Contains a compound that research found helps women feel in the mood. Most likely attributed to the mood-lifting release of dopamine, the extra energy from a hit of caffeine is really just a bonus.

#10 Red Wine

One or two glasses of red wine contains an antioxidant profile that includes reseveratrol and positively boosts the relaxation of blood vessels, and releases tension to help set the mood. Be careful, though, more than two can start to have the opposite effect. It’s all about balance.

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