3 steps for disguising a pimple

May 1, 2022

Pimples are unfortunate visitors that drop in unannounced from time to time usually right before an important event.

Don’t despair we have 3 steps for disguising a pimple.

shocked woman looking in mirror at her pimples

Although it might be really tempting, to pop or squeeze a pimple, in reality it won’t get rid of the problem in time for the event.

So, our immediate solution is to transform the blemish into a beauty mark!

Step 1. Soothe the pimple

Soothe the blemish by dabbing it with a gentle astringent like witch hazel on a clean cotton bud.

Using an astringent won’t clear the blemish but it will remove and dry out the surface oils from your skin and help the beauty mark last longer.

Step 2. Create the beauty mark

To create your beauty mark, dot over the top with an eyebrow pencil – this is better than using eyeliner as it has a drier texture and so is less likely to melt and smudge.

Step 3. Set and forget

Finally, for staying power set your beauty spot with a light dusting of translucent setting powder.

Set your new beauty mark using a powder puff with a little translucent setting powder to ensure longevity. 

Setting it minimizes any potential for the makeup to move or the pimple to peek through during the event.

Enjoy your night out.

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