3 ways to practice gratitude

April 1, 2023

Good days start with gratitude. Cultivating a new attitude of gratitude will bring positivity into your life.

By choosing to be present in each moment of your day and being truly thankful for what you have will attract positive energy into your life.

words of gratitude inside a love heart

Here are 3 important tips to practice gratitude…

1. Appreciation

When family or friends do you a favour, don’t feel you have to return the favour, simply thank them and show your appreciation. 

Instead of responding to that person’s kindness pay it forward to a stranger or someone in need of some help.

2. Acknowledge 

When it comes to achieving  success, make sure you acknowledge and thank those who gave you a helping hand.

And it is just as important to give yourself some credit for your own success. It is extremely important to acknowledge how far you have come.

Doing so will help you to love and accept yourself and will help you learn to make yourself a priority.

3. Attention

When it comes to gratitude it is important to savour and really pay attention to all those good things that came your way.

By bringing your awareness into the present moment and expressing your gratitude daily will ensure positive experiences will continue to come your way.


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