How to look your best after a late night

November 1, 2023

After a long night of partying, your skin and hair may bear the brunt of excessive celebrating. 

Follow these 6 tips to help you cheat fatigue and teach you how to look your best after a late night.

women passed out in a bathtub after a late night

Tip #1 Calm Blotchy, Red Skin

Too many glasses of champagne coupled with standing in hot, crowded rooms can dehydrate you, which may lead to unsightly face blotchiness and redness the next day. 

When you are dehydrated, your wrinkles are more prominent, and any sweat or left-over party makeup can make you break out and irritate your skin.

To help minimize the chances of irritation, wash your face before going to bed, or at the very least, use a facial wipe

Even though you’re tired, do your best to follow up with a moisture-rich cream. It takes less than a minute, and your skin will lose more moisture than usual if you don’t.

In the morning, treat your skin by exfoliating with a gentle scrub or apply a mask that contains alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic or lactic acid. 

The acids will gently remove the dead skin cells on the face and will help to even out your skin tone.

Tip #2 Soothe Red, Bloodshot Eyes

You know the saying: the eyes are the window to…just how hard you partied the night before.

Eye redness is a result of some dryness on the surface of the eye, because the rate at which you blink slows down when you drinking alcohol.

Also, blood circulation slows down, and there is dilation in the tiny veins in the clear membrane in the whites of the eyes so to avoid the tell-tale signs of fatigue, try over-the-counter eye drops like Visine.

Then, focus on brightening the eyes with makeup: apply a coat of mascara, and line the inner rim of the eyes with white eyeliner. This tried-and-true trick makes the whites of the eyes brighter.

Tip #3 Camouflage Dark Circles

After a late night your eyes can look tired and red.

A night out with alcohol salty goods and little-to-no-sleep can make the skin around your eyes swollen.

When you’re dehydrated, your lymphatic system slows down which leads to fluid retention in the eye area.

Prevent dark under-eye circles and inflammation by drinking a glass of water before bed and sleeping with an extra pillow.

In the morning, you can also combat the swelling with a number of home remedies you can find in your kitchen: warm tea bags, cold cucumber slices, cold spoons from your fridge, or cotton rounds soaked in green tea.

Caffeinated tea removes the puffiness better than herbal tea, but if you don’t have any, use what you have in your house.

Place the treatment of your choice on your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes, then apply your eye cream.

Tip #4 Quench dry lips

Many women don’t pay enough attention to the lips, which can dry out and flake when you drink too much alcohol.

It’s much easier to prevent dry lips than spend weeks trying to fix them so regularly use lip balms that contain rich hydrators such coconut oil or shea butter to keep lips moisturised.

If the damage is done, use the same tactic as you would for the skin on the rest of your body: gently scrub off the dead skin with a lip scrub (or warm washcloth), then follow with a lip mask for added moisture.

In the morning, apply a lip balm on the lips first, then do the rest of your makeup and finish with your lip colour.

This will give your lips some time to absorb the moisturiser and look softer and plumper before you apply your lip colour.

Tip #5 Tame messy hair

Even when boho chic style was popular back in the early 90’s, matted, tangled hair never looked good.

Messy bed hair is another sad side effect of too much partying, and only emphasizes your walk of shame but also how tired you look.

Sidestep the problem altogether with an updo the night before, and curl your hair before pinning it up.

Wearing an updo helps keep you cooler when you’re dancing, and you can recycle it without looking like a train wreck the next day.

In the morning, repurpose the volume from the curls into a low side ponytail. It’s clean and simple, any stray hairs can be tamed with a little hairspray.

If you’ve worn your hair loose, prevent the dreadded bedhead look by brushing it with a boar-bristle brush, starting from the ends of the hair and working your way up to the roots, then put it in a loose ponytail before turning in for the night.

Tip #6 Erase Bad Hair Smells

Your hair can serve as a distracting reminder of a long night if it reeks of sweat, or cigarette smoke, which is another dead giveaway .

If you’re too strapped for time to wash your hair, spray on a dry shampoo such as Batiste Dry Shampoo, which freshens hair with the scents of Berry and vanilla.

Give your hair a new lease of life with added body and texture between washes, whenever you need it.

After spritzing, run a blow-dryer through the hair for a couple of minutes to air out your hair.

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