Massage the best antidote for stress

May 1, 2023

If you are living a stressful life the best antidote for your stress is to practice self care through having regular massages.

With the world in constant chaos, now more than ever, the best gift you can give yourself is taking regular time out to restore harmony and wellbeing.

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Massage is simultaneously a relaxing and refreshing therapy that has numerous health benefits that will help you cope with life’s pressures and make you feel ready to take on the world again.

Here are some important benefits to having a regular massage…

1. Physiological benefits

On a physiological level, massage affects all systems in the body, resulting in improved general functioning as well as relieving specific conditions.  

It can also assist with self-esteem, release emotional blocks, increase mental clarity, and help you to connect with your inner light.

2. Physical benefits

Massage can stimulate and relax the body and the mind.  As tense muscles relax, stiff joints loosen and nerves are soothed, and all over feeling of relaxation and well-being develops. 

Massage also has a direct benefit on the body’s muscular structure, by relaxing and stretching muscles that have become contracted and shortened with tension, massage helps the body to regain its flexibility as the elasticity and mobility of the body tissues is restored.  

The skin, blood, and Lymphatic systems are stimulated, which boosts circulation, improving supply of necessary nutrients needed for healthy skin, hair and nails,  aiding cellular renewal and removal of toxic wastes. 

Massage can also help relieve a range of problems including headaches, insomnia, anxiety plus a wide range of digestive disorders. 

Stress hormones have a weakening effect on the Immune System and therefore increases the possibility of illness. 

3. Emotional benefits

Massage is also valued for its feel-good factor, as it contributes to the relief of conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety. 

Regular massage not only improves mental clarity, but reduces mental exhaustion, feelings of being overwhelm and irritability.

Research indicates that the level of stress hormones such as Cortisol falls during massage, while the level of feel-good bonding hormones such as Oxytocin, significantly increases.

As the body relaxes and releases tension, the weight of the world lifts, leading to an increased sense of lightness and happiness.  

A 2012 study looking at 95 adults found evidence to suggest 15 minutes of massage could not only help people relax, but also boosts oxytocin levels. 

4. Nourishing the Soul

The first signs of ill health are believed to show up as blockages in the Chakra system.  

If these imbalances are not corrected, then the issue(s) will eventually show up as a physical problem and our health and well-being will be compromised.  

Massage can also work on the energetic balance of the body through the Chakra system, which centers around its spiritual dimension. 

By aligning Body and Soul through massage, a deep sense of peace, calm and balance can be achieved.  

Keeping the Chakras working effectively is extremely important for good health and general well-being!

Massage also enhances the chakra healing power through use of essential oils.

Massage is the best antidote for stress because it gives the body a “pit-stop”, where it can tend to and nurture its inner workings.

Massage is the best antidote for stress because it gives the body a “pit-stop”, where it can tend to and nurture its inner workings.

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