Which blush shade suits you?

June 1, 2023

With all the Blush brands on the market it’s difficult to know which blush shade will suit your complexion. 

So we’ve narrowed it down to 2 and when applied correctly, blush can give the appearance of a youthful glow.  

Beautiful young woman applying blush powder

Blush can help to add a natural healthy glow, brighten up a pale complexion and even contour your features. 

If you apply the wrong shade of blush can make your skin look muddy or even clown-like so its important to decide which blush shade you are.


1. What’s your signature style?

A. Quite girlie and youthful

B. Strong and sexy


2. Whose celeb look do you most admire?

A. Emma Stone

B. Jennifer Lopez


3. How long do you spend getting ready? 

A. 10 minutes

B. 1 hour


4. Where would you rather go on a holiday? 

A. Paris

B. Thailand


5. Which dress style do you prefer? 

A. Fit and flare

B. Bodycon


Mostly As

You’re team pink. 

Choose this colour for fuller looking lips and a youthful pretty glow. 

A subtle pink shade will liven up your complexion.


Mostly Bs

You’re team bronze.

Wear this hue to look and feel like you’ve holidayed in Bali.

Use bronzer to contour and shape your face and get that “kissed by the sun”.

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