10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate

May 1, 2019
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Let’s be honest, we all crave it from time to time, so we have found 10 reasons to eat chocolate. 

Good news…it is actually good for you!!! 

Here are 10 guilt free reasons to eat chocolate!!

1. Feel HappierWhy is it when we’re feeling fragile, sad or depressed nothing but chocolate can cheer us up? Scientists have proven chocolate releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) that enhance our mood.

2. CholesterolChocolate was thought to raise cholesterol levels, but the main type of saturated fat in chocolate is stearic acid, which doesn’t affect cholesterol.

3. Take Heart A study by the American Dietetic Association shows chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can help to reduce heart disease, with antioxidants in cocoa helping to prevent build up of fatty deposits in coronary arteries.

4. A Weighty Issue No single food can be called fattening. It’s the amount consumed that determines whether it contributes to body fat. Everything in moderation!

5. Like a Multivitamin    Chocolate contains iron, calcium, magnesium, niacin, thiamine, vitamin A, zinc and riboflavin, and is full of antioxidants. An average dark chocolate bar (50g) has the same quantity of antioxidants as a serving of fruit and vege, or a cup of black tea, and twice the quantity of antioxidants found in a glass of red wine. Cheers!

6. Saving FaceChocolate is often blamed for acne, but many skin problems are caused by hormonal imbalances and bad skincare practices. The body’s sebaceous glands secrete sebum, an oily substance that flows from the skins surface. If the flow is blocked, a pimple will form. 

7. Good for TeethMany studies suggest chocolate does not cause tooth decay. In fact, it contains protein, phosphate, calcium and other minerals that have been show to protect tooth enamel.

8. Good Head Space If you’re prone to migraines or severe headaches, you have probably been advised to avoid chocolate. A US study has found there is no link between the two. It suggests headaches are caused by hormone imbalances, disrupted sleep, stress, dehydration and possibly other food sources.

9. Caffeine Myth       If its a caffeine fix you’re after, chocolate won’t do it. Wrongly accused of being full of caffeine, a 50g portion (average-sized bar) contains between 10 to 30 milligrams of caffeine, which is equivalent to less than half a cup of coffee.

10. Flying High If you’re about to jet-set out of the country but worried about deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the veins), chocolate may be able to help. Some experts say, antioxidants in cocoa appear to reduce the risk of blood clots.

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