10 Tips to Look Younger Instantly

December 1, 2018
10 Tips to Look Younger Instantly

If you could wave a magic wand and look younger instantly? Would you…? Of course you would!! 

Forget the magic wand… chances are your current makeup routine might be the one thing that’s pre-ageing you. 

By making a few simple tweaks to your cosmetic bag you might be able to hold onto your youthful looks for a while longer. 

Follow these 10 tips and notice the difference!

 Tip #1 Use Primer

If you usually moisturise and then apply foundation…..try adding a layer of primer in between your moisturiser and base. 

Using a primer makes your skin look smoother instantly.

Tip #2 Switch to liquid

If you usually dust on a mineral or powder foundation…. try switching to liquid formula. Powder can be too drying, enhancing dullness and wrinkles.

A luminous-finish liquid foundation will give your skin a fresh look.

Tip #3 Blush is best

If you normally use bronzer as your blush….  try dusting your cheeks with a soft shade of warm pink. We actually lose colour in our skin as we mature and a subtle pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks will give your skin a youthful glow.

Tip #4 Its all about the Brows

If you have bare there eyebrows and normally pencil them in….try feathering colour lightly from outer edge to inner corner and back again. Most women make the mistake of applying a solid block of colour at the outer edge which looks too harsh and overdone.

Use a taupe or brown eyeshadow to colour the hair and then if you need to use your pencil to fill in the arch area first, followed by the tail.

Don’t forget to look at yourself in the mirror from the distance a person would stand in front of you. They wouldn’t be up in your grill… so stand back from the mirror and get a clear perspective!

If you can’t be bothered filling in your Brows each day consider Tinting your eyebrows or for something more semi-permanent consider trying Brow Henna.

Tip #5 Ease into eyeliner

If you usually line your upper and lower lashes in black…. try lining the bottom lashes in a softer shade and blend thoroughly. 

A thin black liquid line, buried into the upper lashes, can make lids look more open but thick bold black liner on the lower lash line can have the opposite effect, making eyes look smaller. 

By applying a softer shade along the bottom lashline it will add a subtle definition and enhance your eye shape. Experiment with a soft shade of brown, grey, or even a light blue!

Tip #6 Eyeshadow application

If you normally apply multiple shadow shades on your eyelid… try swiping a single shade of soft taupe shadow. You don’t need to do heavy contouring on sagging lids to make them appear more lifted. An all-over application of taupe with a luminous finish makes a statement, while creating the appearance of depth.

Tip #7 Conceale it

If you usually cover lines with concealer….try concealing just the dark shadows only and leave those wrinkles alone. 

Applying concealer to crow’s feet will only highlight them, which defeats the purpose. 

Apply a cover-up that’s the same shade as your skin tone along the inner corners of your eyes and blend it three-quarters of the way out, stopping before your fine lines begin.

Tip #8 Lip Service

If you usually wear lip gloss….try swapping your gloss for a lippie with a satin finish. 

Lips look soft and supple when your lipstick is balmy and creamy – not wet and glittery. Plus, gloss tends to slip and slide and settle into the fine lines around your lips, which isn’t a very attractive look!

Tip #9 Nude lips aren’t for everyone

If you usually apply the same “barely-there” shade of lipstick….try experimenting with colour! As we age, it gets harder to pull off a nude lip. 

A gorgeous pink or coral lip will brighten up your complexion instantly, but if you’re colour shy, dab (don’t swipe) it on your lips straight from the tube and blend with your fingertips or brush for a sheerer application and don’t forget to blot in between coats!

Tip #10 Luscious Lashes

If you usually apply mascara in the bathroom mirror….try using a magnifying mirror instead. 

It can be a little depressing looking at your eye area that close up, but since lashes tend to thin out with age, a magnifying mirror can help you see and coat each and every last one. 

But if you can’t be bothered putting on mascara each day consider tinting your lashes and brows or having a lash lift for gorgeous dark lashes that can up to 12 weeks.

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