10 Ways to Help Ageproof Your Eyes

December 1, 2017
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You can help age proof your eyes and save yourself money by tweaking your diet and upgrading your beauty routine.

Your eyes aren’t just a window to the soul; they can also be a tell-tale sign of ageing. 

Here are 10 easy ways to help age-proof your eyes.

Tip #1 Eat an Iron-Rich Diet

An iron deficiency could be the reason for your under-eye bags and dark circles. Make them disappear by incorporating iron-rich foods like spinach, kidney beans and dark chocolate into your diet.

Tip #2. Use Eye Primer

When you put makeup directly on to your eyelids it will settle into wrinkles and crevices making them look more prominent. An eye primer will help fill in these creases, allowing for smooth, long-lasting application.

Tip #3 Don’t Overpluck Your Brows

The overplucked skinny eyebrow fad doesn’t suit any face shape and it actually ages women. When you’re over 40, over-tweezing your brows will make you look like you’re losing brow hair – a classic sign of ageing. 

If your brows are ‘barely there’ consider having your brows professionally shaped and sculptured with brow henna, or if you have brows that just need a little colour, consider having them professionally tinted.

Tip #4 Moisturise Eye Area

Moisturising is essential for youthful-looking eyes. Dry skin can lead to cracks, wrinkles and bags. If you’re struggling with puffiness, opt for a gel eye serum or a Calendula eye balm. 

If you want to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, reach for a night-time retinol cream. Whatever products you use in the morning, make sure they include healing Vitamin E and SPF for extra protection from our suns rays.

Tip #5 Eliminate Salt

Eating too many salty foods can lead to water retention in the eyes. To prevent puffiness, consume no more than 2300 mg or about one teaspoon of salt a day.

Tip #6 Sweet Potato Eye Pads

If you’re looking for a spa-grade eye pad, reach for sweet potatoes over cucumbers! Sweet potatoes are dense and have anti-inflammatory properties that can decrease puffiness. Cut into one-inch slices and place on eyes for 10 minutes in the morning to reduce darkness and puffiness.

Tip #7 Ace Your Eyeliner Application

Women tend to wear dark eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line, drawing attention to crow’s feet and making dark circles look darker. For a more youthful look, use a dark colour along the top lash line and line the bottom lash line with a soft taupe eyeshadow throughly blended. Highlighting shadow on the crease will also help to brighten your look.

Tip #8 Eat Brussels Sprouts

Protect your vision and prevent the development of unsightly cataracts by eating Brussels sprouts and Olive Oil. This dynamic duo is an anti-aging powerhouse. Lutein, a nutrient found in Brussels sprouts, can lower the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. The healthy fats in Olive Oil help your body absorb this essential nutrient.

Tip #9 Relax With Green Tea

Fight undereye bags with tea bags! Resting cold green tea pouches will help reduce the appearance of puffiness. The combination of a cool compress with the tannins in the tea may help constrict the blood vessels and reduce swelling plus the Caffeine in the tea also helps to reduce swelling.

Tip #10 Lighten Dark Circles

Don’t waste your money on self-proclaimed miracle products for under-eye circles. No solution has ever been scientifically proven to diminish the appearance of dark circles. If you want to lighten your under-eyes, concealer is the way to go. Choose a creamy concealer with yellow undertones, the yellow will help neutralize the purple hues.

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