6 Most Common Questions on Waxing

October 1, 2021
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Of all the personal care treatments on offer, face and body waxing is one of the most personal services a woman (or man) can try. 

Here are the 6 Most Common Questions on Face & Body Waxing based on our extensive experience with our customers.

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Waxing focuses on removing unwanted hair from areas of your body that are private and sensitive – and while the process is quick and virtually painless, there are usually a lot of questions in the minds of a newbie before they give it a try.

Question 1. What are the benefits of Waxing?

• Large areas of unwanted hair can be removed quickly and easily with immediate results.  

• Waxing leaves the area smooth and is long lasting.  

• Future hair regrowth is fine, soft and less noticeable unlike the regrowth after shaving or depilatory creams.

• Waxing removes all dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth which is the best preparation before applying fake tan. 

• Waxing is suitable for all hair types – fine or course, and can remove strong deep-rooted hairs successfully.

Question 2. Once I have it done, how long does waxing last?  

Approximately 3 to 6 weeks depending on hair growth. The hair growth is generally finer and over a period of time will eventually kill off unwanted hair.

Question 3. How long should the hair be before my first wax?

For your first wax session to be effective, the hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch long. The longer the hair is, the better the result!

Question 4. I don’t like pain, how much does it hurt?

 Waxing can never be 100% pain-free. Only slight discomfort is experienced during a wax session but there are a few things you can do to “soften the sting”.

 Regular exfoliating and regular moisturising will keep all waxed areas smooth, encouraging the hair to emerge from the skin easily and therefore the wax is less likely to “grab”, limiting any discomfort. 

 Ladies, plan your bikini line appointments away from your menstrual cycle. (see below).

Question 5. Should I get waxed if I’m getting my period?

Its not a great idea to schedule an appointment three days before or after your period as your skin is most tender during this time. 

But if you absolutely need silky smooth skin for an event, try popping an anti-inflammatory painkiller, like Advil, about two hours before your appointment to help minimise pain and reduce post waxing redness. 

Question 6. Do I need to do anything before my first  appointment?

The night before exfoliate and moisturise the areas that will be waxed. 

On the day, have a shower and arrive 5 minutes early so you can relax before your session begins. 

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