7 benefits of having regular facials

July 1, 2022

Once considered a luxury, regular spa facials and skincare maintenance treatments are now regarded as a necessity with 7 main benefits. 

We are all seeking clear glowing youthful skin and for most of us, a facial is one of the most popular treatments because it is beneficial in improving skin condition and is extremely relaxing to receive. 

women receiving a facial

The 7 main benefits of having regular facials may actually surprise you…

1. Nurture

Generally, we are all seeking clear, luminous, younger-looking skin and having regular facials will help to improve your skin’s appearance.

Regardless of our age, most of us follow a daily skincare routine designed to keep our skin looking healthy.

Having regular spa facials will not only nurture your mind and spirit, but will tke your skin care regime to the next level by addressing the ever-changing needs of your skin, helping it to look and feels its best. 

2. Help prevent ageing 

For many of us the signs of ageing start to show as early as our 30th birthday.

Our skin’s ability to continuously renew itself is affected by ageing, so the older we get the longer our skin takes to rejuvenate. This process can be up to eight weeks – before it has renewed itself, so the skin becomes drier and thinner as it can no longer retain enough moisture.

The beauty of having regular facials and massages, will help boost cell regeneration helping to promote collagen development which encourages healthier-looking skin and helps to slow the ageing process.

3. Circulation 

A facial stimulates circulation, facilitates cell nutrition, regeneration as well as helping to increase the elimination of waste from the skin’s tissues.

During a facial, the massage process will loosen any dead keratinised cells which could be blocking the pores so the blood flows more freely feeding the skin.

We know how much massage improves the blood circulation in your body, and the same applies to your face. 

Improved blood circulation in your face means that your cells are getting lots of oxygen and nutrients and this translates to a glowing complexion. 

4. Rejuvenate your skin 

As we age, our skin loses its natural luster. Bad lifestyle choices, makeup, heating, cooling, pollution, too much alcohol, coupled with little or no water intake makes it difficult for your skin to recuperate. The main reason why some of us age faster than others.

Any of our signature facials will help rejuvenate your skin and help improve its appearance and texture. 

5. Dark Circles & Eye Bags 

Most of us do not use an eye cream on a daily basis and the skin under our eyes needs extra special attention because it is much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face.

Specially prepared eye creams and eye masks will help replenish the sensitive skin around your eyes together with specialised massage techniques used during a facial will help to improve circulation.

Face creams and under-the-eye products that contain antioxidants that may help to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

These creams contain essential vitamins and minerals designed to hydrate tired skin, helping to eliminate dark circles, reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. 

6. Exfoliation

Another critical beauty step often skipped at home, is exfoliation. 

Exfoliation is important for the skin because it remove dead skin, and helps to increase blood circulation,    regular exfoliation will help you to achieve dewy complexion.

The removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, is one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine for your face AND body. 

It not only speeds up cell renewal, preparing the skin’s surface for the products that follow, it also smooths the skins surface which helps your makeup apply evenly even and last longer. 

7. Face Mask 

Another beauty step usually skipped at home, is the face mask. During your facial we will prepare a mask that’s specially designed for your skin type, one that will address your the needs of your skin. 

Unfortunately we are not getting younger, but you can have beautiful younger looking skin over your lifetime if you start to care for it properly.

Spa facials are much more than just an hour of sheer bliss, they are a way of saying “I love you” to yourself and to your skin. 

Regular facials are not only the perfect way to relax and restore balance, they assist in maintaining your skin in the best condition possible.

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