Ace Your Clever Concealer

April 1, 2016

Ace your clever concealer by following these simple tips to conceal all your beauty problems effectively.

women applying concealer

Concealers are a fast and effective way to disguise blemishes, shadows, scars and red veins, so your skin can look flawless.

Choosing the right concealer

Concealers are concentrated foundation with a high pigment content, giving complete coverage to problem areas.

When choosing a concealer look for the colour that is closest your own skin tone rather than a lighter one. Covering a problem area with a paler shade will only accentuate it.

Spots and blemishes

The ideal solution is to use a medicated stick as this contains antibacterial  ingredients to dry out the pimple, but only apply the concealer on the pimple or blemish itself, as it can be quite drying.

Using a clean Q tip smooth away the “edges”. Applying all around the area will make it more noticeable. 

Under-eye shadows

To cover under eye shadow opt for a creamy stick or a liquid concealer, as dry formulations emphasize fine lines around your eyes. 

If you’re blending with your fingertips, use your ring finger, as this is the weakest finger and less likely to drag at the delicate area around your eyes. 


Scars, including old acne or chickenpox marks, can be effectively covered using a concealer but it can be a time-consuming process. 

Using your detailer brush, begin by building the indentation up to skin level by dotting on layers of concealer. 

Take your time and allow each layer to settle into the skin properly before you apply the next one.  

Red Veins

Stick or liquid concealer is ideal for tackling this problem. Apply a layer of concealer over the area with your pixel point eyeliner brush then carefully feather and soften the edges to blend them in and make them less noticeable.


Always apply your concealer after you have applied your foundation as most foundations will have enough coverage and you will only have to apply to the darker areas of your face. 

Once your foundation has been blended, apply your concealer in a patting motion then gently press in with a dampened beauty blender. 

Blending is key!…be sure not to leave any sharp lines.

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