Best Makeup Brushes for Beginners

March 1, 2021
assorted makeup brushes for beginners

With hundreds of brushes to choose from as a beginner its important to choose the best makeup brushes if you want to apply your makeup like a professional.

As a beginner you will need to invest in the best brushes for your makeup application. 

With the right brushes you will be able to improve on your beauty assets and fall in love with the final results.

#1. Makeup Sponge/Beauty Blender

One of the most important blending tools you will need is a Makeup sponge or (Beauty Blender)

These sponges are a staple for applying and blending liquid or cream-based foundation

The pointy end is great for covering blemishes and imperfections whilst the flat edge is great for contouring around your nose, jawline and underneath your eyes. 

Rounded sides are perfect or blending your cheeks, forehead and chin.

Tip: Remember to use it damp, not dry so you don’t waste your foundation.

#2. Powder Brush

Use a Powder Brush to apply translucent powder and mineral foundations evenly which will eliminate that ‘caked on’ or clogged finish to your face.

#3. Blush Brush

Use a Blush Brush to contour and define your cheeks with blush powder.

The brush should be dense so it holds onto the product but soft so it glides across your cheeks. Always apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks and gently build the colour so it looks soft. 

#4. Eyeshadow Brushes

A set of good Eyeshadow brushes are probably the most important brushes to have in your makeup bag as they enhance the way the eyeshadow is layered and blended on the eye. 

Tip: You will definitely need a shadow brush, crease brush, shading brush, liner brush and blending brush.

#5 All in one Brow/Lash comb

This dual brow/lash brush is a beauty must have item. To groom and smooth your brows, use the flat brush side to comb hairs upward and outward direction. 

Use the comb side to separate your lashes before you apply your mascara.

After each coat of mascara, simply run the comb through your lashes to remove any clumps.

Tip: For tips on Mascara Application click here  

# 6. Lip Brush

Apply your lip stain with a lip brush. Using a lip brush will give you precise, even application allowing your lip stain to last longer.

Tip: Don’t forget to blot in between coats with a clean tissue.

# 7. Contour Buffing Brush

You need a contour brush that has soft, fluffy bristles on an angle. Using a brush with the bristles angled they will fit perfectly into the hollows of the cheeks to add definition. 

Take your favourite bronzer, swirl lightly and apply to the cheeks first, using any extra product along the hair line. 

Tip: Use your damp beauty blender to go over the contour to remove any harsh lines.

For tips on how to contour your face click here 

# 8. Fan Brush

This little gem has many uses in the makeup world. It has a variety of uses… Brush away fallout from your eyeshadow, use to contour and highlight your facial features. 

This multitasking brush is great for applying face masks, tinted moisturiser,  blending bronzer and blush. great for applying highlighter as it distributes product evenly.

For tips on how to apply your blush powder click here

Brush Care 

You will pretty much use them every day, but how many times a year do you wash your make-up brushes? For most of us, it’s close to none. 

The general rule is to wash your beauty blender daily, concealer and foundation brushes at least once a week, your eye shadow and liner brushes once a fortnight and all other brushes (including your hairbrush) once a month. 

Simply wash the bristles with brush cleaner or a gentle facial cleanser, keeping the handle of the brushes dry then gently press out the excess water on some paper towel or a clean tissue and leave to air dry overnight.

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