Category: Self Care

June 1, 2021

It takes more than a pair of tweezers to ace your perfect brows. Its easy to indulge in the perfect brow makeover with these 7  steps. Great brows frame your eyes and give your features definition so they are an important part of your beauty routine. What you will need for Brow Maintenance • Good lighting Read More

May 1, 2021

Develop a healthy mind, improve all areas of your life whilst boosting your long term health, with these 8 easy steps. Increase your long-term brain health with these 8 easy strategies. 1. Sleep Sleep is an important factor to brain health. Getting quality sleep is an important part of your daily routine — you spend Read More

April 1, 2021

You can improve all areas of your life including your self-esteem, by following our 10 ways to practice self-love guide on a daily basis, and your life will change for the better. Self-love is making sure you take care of your own needs and not sacrifice your health and well-being to please others. 1. Stop Read More

January 4, 2021

Start the year off right by trying out these 6 tasty Weight-loss Snacks. Just because you are watching your waistline doesn’t mean you have to eat rabbit food, these sacks will help you stay on track with your wellness resolutions and weight loss goals. Mix up your normal snack options with something a little more interesting Read More

December 1, 2020

The best way to stay healthy is to reinforce your resistance to germs by following these 6 Tips to help Boost Your Immunity and keep your defences strong. If you want to take extra care of yourself over the festive season and beyond follow these simple tips. Tip #1. De-stress Stress can actually increase your Read More

November 1, 2020

Embrace these 6 Citrus Fruits for overall better health as well as eating vegetables as part of your diet. We already know how vitamin-C packed citrus fruits help keep us sniffle free during winter, but that’s just the start of what these 6 superstars can actually do for our overall wellbeing.  For the biggest health Read More

October 2, 2020

Any of these 5 Quick-fix Facial Masks can instantly revive your complexion while treating a multitude of skin concerns.  Imagine what gorgeous skin you would have if you could instantly boost radiance, rehydrate a thirsty complexion or banish black heads in a matter of minutes. If you want to get your glow on try out Read More

September 1, 2020

We all succumb to mindless eating from time to time.  Instead of beating yourself up, try following these 7 tips to help curb your mindless eating habits and keep your cravings in check. During this pandemic we have become experts at mindless eating….the result? meals eaten in record time and no conscious eating habits. If Read More

August 1, 2020

Follow these 5 Tips for a positive body image and you will learn to accept and love your body, no matter your size or shape.  According to recent research, women still struggle to love themselves.  We have a few tips that women need to embrace so that we can strive for a positive body image. Read More

July 1, 2020

Looking forward to a healthy winter? We have 6 tips that will help! Don’t you just love winter? Spending time snuggling up in front of a cosy fire, with a bowl of homemade soup, a good book and of course your uggboots! Follow our 6 tips for a healthy winter and keep the sniffles away. Read More