Drop a Decade in an instant

October 1, 2017
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Want to drop a decade in an instant? We all want to look younger, fresher and more fabulous?

Outsmart your age by learning how NOT to add unnecessary years to your face, so you can put your most youthful face forward.

Drop a decade in a instant with Make-up Secrets

When used correctly, not only does makeup highlight the good and mask the not-so-good, but it can make anyone look more youthful. However, certain makeup mistakes can add years to your appearance. “In general, the more makeup you wear, the older you’re going to look.” 

Secret #1 Trade-in your lipstick colour

A fresh bright lipstick lightens your whole face. The trick is to go one to two shades brighter than your favourite lipstick – not a blast of neon. Soften mouth edges with a cotton bud to stop hard lines and line your lips with a lip liner to avoid your lippy bleeding. 

Secret #2 Freshen up your foundation

Mix your foundation with a small amount of hydrating facial oil or BB Cream to lighten up coverage and add a radiant glow.

Secret #3 Being caught out without cheek colour 

Streaks of blush are instantly ageing. Stripes of colour are unnatural and draw harsh lines on your face. The secret to avoiding this is simply to blend colour with a kabuki brush

You can also try a cream blush or a cheek stain, which you can easily blend with your fingers.

Secret #4 Using a makeup primer

In addition to a good skin care regimen that includes gentle exfoliation and moisturising, you may need to use a primer. 

A thin layer of a silicone-based makeup primer can fill in lines and pores, allowing the makeup to look flawless.


Drop a decade in a instant with Skin Secrets

Putting makeup on top of skin that hasn’t been primed only accentuates any age-related imperfections you may be trying to hide — like dryness, flakiness, and large pores.

Secret #5 Find your Overnight fix

Slather on an overnight face mask and neck cream that uses skin brightening ingredients such as Vitamin C, algae extract and anti-oxidants.

Secret #6 Protect yourself

You already know you should be wearing a good quality SPF30 sunscreen everyday, so why not look for one that is as flattering as protective? One that has a soft dewy finish will take years off.

Secret #7 Mini Massages

Giving yourself a daily morning massage with a Jade Roller using gentle pressure with helps to stimulate circulation, cells and collagen. Massage forehead, cheeks, chin and gently pat under eyes to help with firmness and reduce bloating.

Secret #8 Regular Facials

A routine of regular in-salon facials will help keep your skin condition consistent and clear. At home using regular weekly face scrubs with salicyclic acid deep clean skin and leave your face not only more refreshed but more receptive to your moisturiser. And don’t forget the rest of your body, hands and feet there are scrubs on the market for each.

Secret #9 Sleep straight

If you wake up in the mornings with hard-to-shift pillow marks on your face, you might want to re-think your sleeping position. Making the effort to sleep on your back is an important beauty investment – be sure to put a pillow under your knees to help support your spine.


Drop a decade in a instant with Hair Secrets

There is nothing more ageing for a woman who doesn’t wear age appropriate hair.

Secret #10 Hide grey roots fast

New at-home hair pigments cover up greys and regrowth instantly with a brush on palette that matches your hair colour. Genius! Tween Time Hair crayons are a must have!

Secret #11 Incorrect hair colour

Don’t dye your hair colour too dark or too light. As a general rule of thumb it is best to stay within 2 shades of your natural hair colour. Any more than that and you’ll start to look older than you actual birthdays.

Secret #12 Shine On

Shiny healthy hair makes everyone look and feel better. Hair serums and Moroccan oils are definitely the go but if you are on a budget try a mashed avocado mixed with olive oil as a hair mask.

See recipe below..

Hair Mask Recipe

Combine 1 avocado

1/4 cup of Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon of Lemon juice

mix together and leave on for 20 minutes then shampoo, rinse then follow with a small amount of conditioner. 

Drop a decade in a instant with Eye Secrets



Like your skin and hair your eyes can start to give away your age.

Secret #13 Your new best friend

Meet the eyelash curler, a must for opening up tired, droopy eyelids before applying mascara. An eyelash curler is an absolute must have in your makeup bag. It gives the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes and helps to lengthen your eyelashes. If you want a more permanent lash curl consider our Lash Lift Service.

Secret #14 Sculpted Eyebrows

A precisely sculpted brow lifts and opens your whole eye area. If you desire a total re-shape of your brow, try our Brow Henna Service to get them coloured and professionally shaped and waxed., then you have a guideline to follow afterwards.

If you plan to maintain your shape yourself, always use your natural shape as a template and only remove the stray hairs and carefully trimming any unruly ones.

We recommend in investing in a pair of good tweezers (We use and recommend Tweezerman tweezers).

Ladies! never do the overplucked skinny eyebrow fad – it doesn’t suit any face shape and actually adds years onto your face!

Secret #15 If you colour your hair you need to tint your eyebrows

As women age their eyebrows fade in colour and lose their shape. Don’t fill them in with a thick, dark eye pencil, consider getting them professionally tinted and  waxed. 

Tinting adds definition and colour to the hair whilst tinting adds definition and colour to the brow hair whilst waxing removes any unwanted hair leaving the skin smooth for your eyeshadow application. Not to mention a shaped eyebrow will shave years off your face.

Secret #16 Always remove your eye makeup.

Sleeping with mascara on means your lashes don’t have time to rejuvenate. In other words, you’re going to have dry, brittle, uneven broken eyelashes which isn’t sexy. 

It is important to remove ALL make-up especially your mascara before bedtime with some Micellar water or a makeup remover suited to your skin type.  

It is also a good idea to give your eyelashes a break from wearing mascara from time to time so consider getting them professionally tinted.

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