Miracle Mascaras

June 1, 2022
Different mascara wands

Mascaras are a makeup miracles that magically enhance your eyes, by adding length and fullness to your lashes, even making the thinnest of hairs appear longer and fuller. 

In the makeup world the importance of mascara is often underestimated.

If you are struggling to find the perfect mascara read on for some formulas that are certain to perform miracles.

 1. Miracle Mascaras with Long Thin Brushes

These are designed for those hard-to-reach lashes in the inner and outer corners of each eye. 

This brush type is best for separating and lengthening lashes without clumping.

If you want to create extreme length try Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara Blackest Black as it has a long thin wand that works to create the appearance of lash extensions without the hassel and price tag.

2. Miracle Mascaras with Corkscrew Brushes

As the name suggests, a corkscrew brush has bristles that wrap around the wand in the shape of a corkscrew, allowing flexibility and easy application. 

Traditionally, these wands are great for defining each individual lash, whilst also adding length. 

If you want total definition try Natio Lash Definition Mascara

3. Miracle Mascaras with Specialty Brushes

If long and thin or corkscrew brushes seem too ordinary, why not try one of the new age brushes that aim to solve all your mascara needs in one tube. 

From angled to asymmetrical and even ball-ended, the specialty brush can do it all – lengthen, curl, thicken and enhance in a few coats.

Of all the specialty brushes I’ve personally tested, either of these 2 Mascaras are sure to create lash magic and won’t break the bank balance. 

For a dramatic effect, try the ball brush on Rimmel Scandaleyes Show off Mascara


For a clump-free smooth flexible formula try Revlon Volume Length Magnified Mascara

High shine black fibre formula provides amplified volume and length. The magnifying square lash brush is designed to anchor the formula to lashes for intense volume and length.

When it comes to miracle mascaras, remember the wand is just as important as the formula.

With so many formulas to choose from, be sure to try out a new formula with a unique shaped brush each time you replace your mascara. 

Pro Tip: When applying mascara wiggle the wand from the base of your lash line up towards the ends of your lashes for even coverage. 

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