Tips for Achieving The Perfect Paint Job

July 1, 2018
The Perfect Paint Job

Perfectly painted nails can express your mood or match your outfit, it is an important fashion accessory. 

So whether you go for a bright red, glitter or a nearly nude polish, different shades can pose different kinds of problems.

For a perfect paint job every time, check out these do-it-yourself manicure secrets.

If Nudes are your preference

• When applying nude colours always apply an opaque base coat in a neutral beinge-pink that is close to your own natural nail colour.

 To make sheer nude polish streak proof, wait until the first coat is totally dry before applying the second coat.

If your nails are turning yellow

• Keep dark colours from staining your own nails by always applying a base coat prior to polish application.

• Try alternating between a dark and light colour each time you repaint your nails – variety is the spice of life.

If your polish is chipping

• Always apply a top coat over your nail polish to help prevent colour chipping remember to cap the edge of each nail.

• If you’ve chipped your polish after it’s dry and don’t have time to repaint? Try putting a little polish remover on your fingertip and run your fingertip around the chip. This will help soften the polish around the chip. Put a drop of polish directly on the chip; allow the drop to dry, then polish over the entire nail, then add  top coat… the chip should be less visible if not invisible.

If your nail polish is too thick

• Always shake your polish bottles gently or roll them between your palms to mix the polish before your apply it.

• Thick nail polish will not paint on smoothly so add a few drops of polish solvent (not polish remover as this will change the colour) to your polish and shake well prior to application, this will bring it back to life.

If glitter polish is your thing

• Always apply a base coat and colour coat(s) prior to glitter polish application as the glitter sticks to the first coat of polish and not your nails making it easier to remove when you need to.

If your nail polish is full of bubbles

• Stop air bubbles by starting with oil-free nails. Apply an oil-free cleanser and clean carefully around your cuticles with a nail brush or old toothbrush.

 If you shake your polish too vigorously that will cause bubbles

If you smudge your nail polish whilst its drying

• Smooth wet smudges down with a fingertip dobbed in polish remover and gently pat the smudge until smooth, then apply another coat of colour over the area and that should paint on smoothly eliminating the smudge.

Always use Acetone-free polish remover

• Acetone-free nail polish remover isn’t just for acrylic nails. It is excellent for natural nails as it won’t dehydrate your nails causing peeling and breakage.

To help stimulate nail growth

Your naked nails can benefit from a weekly exfoliation with the same scrub you use on your hands, to smooth the surface and encourage regeneration of new cell growth. Dead cells often accumulate around the base of the nail (around the cuticle area) so concentrate your efforts there.

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