13 Steps for Perfect Polish Application

August 1, 2019
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Perfect Polish Application is really easy to achieve when you follow our 13 step process.

For flawless nail polish application, follow our 13 step process. Your nails will look like you visited a nail salon.

Step 1. Roll it

Always thoroughly toll the polish bottle between your palms a few minutes prior to each use. 

Step 2. Base Coat

Apply a base coat to all 10 nails. Begin by painting inward starting from your pinky and ending at your thumb for each hand.

A base coat will help anchor the nail colour to your nails making your manicure last longer. 

Step 3. Less is more

Roll your polish between your palms to mix the colour. As you draw out the brush from the nail polish, remove excess polish by wiping one side of the brush against the rim/neck of the bottle.

Working with less helps the polish go on more evenly and there will be less mess to clean up around the nail later.

Step 4. Light Even Strokes

With a semi-loaded brush, cap the very edge of your nail followed by apply a light stroke from the top to the tip in the centre of the nail. 

Without re-dipping your brush, apply a light stroke down the left side of the nail and then apply a light stroke down the right side of the nail. 

Then repaint lightly down the centre of the nail to smooth the painted surface.

Step 5. Paint for full coverage

Dip the brush back into the bottle and wipe the excess polish on the rim of the bottle then repeat the process for all nails with even full coverage.

Step 6. Re-Shake 

Close the bottle and give the polish another good shake and wait 5 minutes for polish to settle.

Step 7. First coat on second hand

Repeat the entire process for the other hand. Wait 5 minutes for the first coat to be touch dry.

Step 8. Second coat on second hand

Repeat the entire polish process for the second coat, applying to all 5 nails. Wait 5 minutes for colour to be touch dry.

Step 9. Apply Top Coat

To help protect the colour during every day wear we recommend applying a quick drying Top Coat in the same manner to all 10 nails. Don’t forget to cap the nail edges.

Step 10. Wait 20 minutes

For every coat applied to your nails you let them air dry for 5 minutes between coats. Wait a minimum of 20 minutes before you go about your day.

Step 11. Clean Up

Once your polish is dry, take a Dual Cosmetic Cotton Tip dipped in polish remover to clean up any excess nail polish that was left on your skin.

Step 12. Apply Cuticle Oil

Once your nails are completely dry, apply a drop of cuticle oil to each finger and gently massage in to your cuticles. 

Cuticle oil is a necessary step in nail care especially now that regular use of hand sanitiser is drying them out.

Step 13. Reapply Top Coat Weekly

To keep your polish looking salon perfect reapply a layer of Top Coat once a week. This will keep them looking shiny and prevent the colour from wearing.


With these 13 steps for Perfect polish application you will be able to achieve perfectly painted nails every time. 

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