Ace A French Manicure

February 1, 2021
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Follow our easy step-by-step guide to successfully ace a French manicure.

A classic French Manicure is a popular look because of its simple elegance. Suitable for all occasions, it can take you from ultra-natural day-wear to a glamourous evening look.  

Ace a French Manicure

What you will need for your French Manicure application

• Cuticle Remover

• French White Polish

• French Sheer Pink Polish

• Base Coat

• Top Coat

• Small nail scissors

• Natural Nail File

• Nail Polish Remover

Clean Up Brush

Step 1. Perform a manicure

Perform a manicure on your nail to ensure your nails are freshly manicured and nicely shaped and even in length.

Step 2. Tame your cuticles

Using a cuticle remover regularly will help keep them looking nice. Apply remover on to each nail near the cuticle and leave for 2 minutes.  Gently push back your cuticles and make sure nothing is left on your nails.  

This step should be done after the dishes or having a bath or shower so as not to damage your cuticles.

Step 3. Clean & Tidy

Once you have performed a manicure and treated your cuticles, wash and dry hands and nails thoroughly to remove any file dust and residual cuticle remover.

Step 4. Start with a Base

Start with a clear base coat over each nail and let dry. Using a base coat helps the nail polish to adhere to the natural nail.

Step 5. Paint the end

Paint one coat of the white polish to the tips of your nails following the natural smile line of each nail. Try to apply the polish in one long even stroke working from one side of the nail to the other.  

Most French White polishes need only one coat but if necessary, apply a second coat leaving time to dry in between coats.

Tip: You might find it easier to turn your hand sideways to apply the polish, that way you can roll the finger as you are applying the polish. 

Step 6. Perfection is key

This is the time to clean up the smile lines and any random residual paint that doesn’t belong on your nails or skin. 

Part of its appeal is the crisp clean lines, there is nothing pretty about an untidy French Manicure.

Step 7. Pretty in Pink

Wait for the white polish to completely dry, then apply a coat of pink polish over the entire nail.   

If you like a very natural finish, apply just one coat of pink polish, if you prefer a bolder effect apply two coats of french pink first then paint the white ends last. Allow drying time in between coats.

Step 8. Finish with a Top Coat 

Once polish has dried, apply a clear top coat over the entire nail and edge for added protection. 

Let dry. 

Tip: Top Coat not only adds shine to your manicure but also helps protect the nail colour. 

Step 9. Enjoy!

Admire your hard work. Enjoy!

You can ace a French Manicure application every time when you follow this simple step-by-step guide.

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