7 Reasons to try a Pedicure

September 1, 2021

Pedicures are one of the most enjoyable things you can do for yourself but surprisingly many are too embarrassed to indulge in one. 

Here are 7 reasons to try a pedicure.

1. Appearance

Many people are too embarrassed to show their feet. Some are embarrassed and for some the thought causes emotional turmoil. 

Having nicely groomed feet and beautifully polished toes is guaranteed to make you feel sexier when wearing a nice pair of open-toe shoes or strappy sandals.

2. Dry Skin & Cracked heels

Cracked heels not only look nasty but for some can cause great discomfort. They won’t heel themselves and need regular attention to avoid possible infection. 

Our pampering Pedicures will address any dry skin by using a gentle exfoliant to help soften and remove flaky skin which naturally form across the feet. 

Cracked heels calluses are also addressed, concentrating around the heel and big toe, areas where calluses tend to form. 

3. Nail Health

It’s important to keep a close eye on your feet which is a little difficult because you are at the opposite end of them. 

Incorrect cutting and shaping can lead to ingrown toenails so they should be professionally shaped and shortened on a regular basis.

Maintaining your toenails doesn’t just make them look nice but is also important to stimulate blood flow, which are vital for good nail health and growth.  

4. Relaxation

Our pampering Pedicures include an aromatic leg massage concentrating on your calves, ankles, and feet, which is a great way to remove any stored tightness and tension.  

Massaging helps promote the circulation and can help to ease discomfort for arthritis sufferers. 

Regular time out is vital for good health and a relaxing pedicure is a lovely way to relax.

5. Embarrassed

Most people dislike the look of, or are embarrassed by their feet so they don’t get them checked or pampered. 

After almost 25 years in the industry we haven’t seen a foot we can’t do our magic on. 

Once they have had their first pedicure we find that most clients report that their feet feel amazing and they actually feel better about their appearance.

6. Professional Paint Job

There is nothing worse than unkept toenails. When your toenails are professionally shaped and painted they should look great for approximately 4 weeks. 

During the painting process, we will use a base coat to help anchor the polish and protect your nail plate from stainage, plus a top coat to the help polish last longer and speed up drying time.

We believe nail polish selection is another important accessory and we have hundreds of polish colours to suit any season, reason and occasion. 

7.  Regularity

Most people neglect their feet compared to other parts of their body.

Healthy feet are vital to your overall health so don’t neglect them! 

Whether you indulge in one of our signature pedicures or do-it-yourself at home, make sure you pamper your feet every 4-6 weeks in Summer and 6-8 weeks in Winter (depending on nail growth) so the health of your feet remain in good condition all year round. 

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