5 Tips for Digital Detoxing

April 1, 2020

If you are finding you are spending too much time on the internet try following our 5 Tips for Digital Detoxing and they will help you to switch off your devices and be more present in your daily life.

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Nowadays its quite normal to spend lot of time on our devices, but with the coronavirus pandemic at the centre of our screens its hard to avoid the information that we are watching which seems to be leaving a devastating impact on our hearts and minds.

Here are a few tips to try so you can cope with the devastating effects this pandemic is having on us all.

Tip #1 Monitor usage 

If you use your devices for long periods of time, without noticing responses from your brain and body, your technology usage and your health are bound to collide at some point. 

It might be a good idea to starting setting yourself a daily limit so you don’t spend hours mindlessly scrolling social media and news channels. 

Also regularly check in with yourself to see how you are feeling, as stress and fatigue are common signs of excess exposure.

To help you monitor your usage, download one of the free screen time tracker apps they will help you to monitor how much time your are spending online, which actually may surprise you.

Tip #2 Beware technology is addictive

If you are finding it difficult to put down your devices, maybe its time to seek some professional help. 

Warning signs of technology overload and internet addiction are very similar to those seen in people with drug and alcohol addiction. 

Tip #3 Technology free time

For good health it is important to set aside time to eat, sleep, socialise and exercise, it is equally important to set aside time each day where you will be 100% technology free. 

Mark a space in your diary for time to nurture yourself. During this self nurture time, you can spend time out in nature, read a good book, listen to some music, walk your dog, take a bubble bath and put on a face mask

However you choose to self nurture, make sure its minus your devices. Start with just 5 minutes on day 1, then 10 minutes on day 2 and work toward having an hour a day technology free.

Tip#4 Connect face to face

Before digital technology took over our lives, in order to keep in touch with our family and friends we would catch up for a coffee, go out for dinner, followed by a  movie, go shopping or visit a local market.

Face-to-face connection is seriously lacking in our daily lives thanks to high tech devices and our obsession with social media

Don’t let your important relationships with your family and friends be neglected or end in disaster due to a miscommunication via email or text message.

At the moment it is extremely difficult to have face to face contact due to the coronavirus pandemic so you have to get a little creative to stay in touch.

Houseparty is a downloadable app where multiple family or friends can communicate to each other at the same time from different devices and locations during one session.

Tip #5 Patience is a virtue

Digital detoxing is an important way of taking time out to nurture yourself. 

Rather than being available 24/7 and rushing through life jumping from one email or text message to the next…pay attention to what’s important and start living in the moment! 

The rare moments spent with our family and friends are the important things that we need to cherish as they will be what we remember looking back overtime, it definitely won’t be how many friends, likes and followers we have.

Technology is a very smart invention, but experts are warning that signs of technology addiction are remarkably similar to drug addiction, so it might be time to take back control of your life and take time to smell the roses again.

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