9 tips for putting your best foot forward

July 1, 2016

The style and shape of a shoe can make or break an outfit…. follow our 9 tips for putting your best foot forward and you’ll always look your best.

9 Tips for Putting Your Best Foot Forward

When we’re young we can get away with just about any pair of shoes – trainers, thigh high boots, high rise wedges, backless stilettos, they either look sporty, funky or just plain sexy… 

Tip #1 Not too high

High heels are sexy, but heels that are too high tip you forward and makes your butt stick out. The effect is worse if you’re height challenged.

Tip #2 Inner Soles – a gals best friend

As we age, the balls of our feet have less padding and we need extra cushioning for comfort. 

Make sure the shoes you are buying have soft inner soles or buy some foam pads from a shoe shop.

Tip #3 Stiletto size does matter 

If you are plus size, be careful about wearing spiky stilettos, they can make you look top heavy. 

Stilettos that are too high will call attention to your appearance and the way in which you hold yourself, so keep the heel height to 4 inches (10 cm) or less.

Tip #4  Thicker ankles

If your ankles are thicker than you’d like them to be, don’t wear ankle strap shoes or sandals with skirts.

Learn how your favourite shoes with ankle straps visually cut the leg off at the ankle… the idea is to make the leg look leaner and longer not accentuate the ankle.

Tip #5 Low heels 

Wearing towering high heels with a micro mini-skirt will make you look like a lap dancer…. the rule is: the shorter the skirt the lower the heel. 

A miniskirt worn with high heel stilettos just screams tacky!

Tip #6 Wedges aren’t for everyone

Be careful when wearing chunky wedges. 

Perfect for tall gals, this heel style is not flattering if you’re short because it will make your legs appear shorter and thicker.

Tip #7 Always choose comfort

Never sacrifice comfort for style. Chances are those pointy toe stilettos will end up gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe.

Tip #8. Buy shoes later in the day

It is best to try on shoes later in the day, or after a workout, since feet tend to become larger as the day progresses. 

Experts say feet can swell up to an extra full size by the end of the day. There is nothing worse than wearing shoes that are too tight.

Tip #9. Blisters aren’t fun

If your favourite party shoes give you blisters when you dance the night away… banish your blisters by rubbing a clear gel deodorant stick around the back of the heel of your foot. This will decrease friction and increase your ability to dance all night. 

But if preventative measures are too late, soak blistered feet in cold tea. The calming benefits of anti-inflammatories in green tea will help soothe both your blisters and tired feet.

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9 tips for putting your best foot forward

9 tips for putting your best foot forward

The style and shape of a shoe can make or break an outfit…. follow our 9 tips for putting your…

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