7 Tips for Looking Good in a Christmas Selfie

December 21, 2019
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There are many reasons for looking good in a Christmas selfie  so follow our 7 tips and make it memorable.

The Christmas Selfie season has arrived and there are lots of reasons to celebrate and new memories to capture. 

Follow these 7 easy to follow tips you will always be selfie ready.

Tip #1 Tame flyaways 

Photographs highlight frizzy hair, especially when you’re sporting a sleek pulled back pony! To smooth out the stragglers rub a dob of hair serum between your palms, then run hands lightly over the top of your hair especially along your hair line, where the frizzies are most likely to be.

Tip #2 Add a hint of shine

Bad lighting or a harsh flash can make your hair colour appear dull and drab. Create your own luster by spraying your ends with a spray on shine serum. Be sure to avoid your roots which are naturally shiny from the natural oils in your scalp.

Tip #3 Add Volume

Flip your hair over and mist the underside with hairspray then flip it back and mist over the top. This double spritz will lock the height and style in place.

Tip#4 Less is more

Thankfully you don’t need layers and layers of makeup to camouflage redness or pimples – a green-tinted primer or green-tinted concealer will do the trick – it will neutralize any ruddiness from your zits plus camouflage any rosiness.

If you want to learn tricks on how to make a pimple vanish click here

Tip #5 Make your eyes sparkle

For parties and special occasions, the smoky eye look is a must, but in photos the smoky eye can make your eyes seem smaller. Try adding a highlight shimmer to the inner corners of each eye, under your brow bone, and just above your cheek bones.  As the flash goes off the camera will pick up the sparkle, illuminating your eyes and entire face. 

Tip #6 Go for a matte foundation

Shine for your hair is fabulous but it’s not flattering for your face. To avoid lighting up the photo, dust a translucent powder over your face, focusing on your oily areas like your t-zone then blot with a tissue.  This will remove the excess shine that would otherwise accentuate fine lines. 

If you don’t like wearing a matte foundation but want a matte makeup look try using a matte makeup spray.

Tip #7 Before you say cheese

If you plan to eat and drink at the party, chances are your lippy will need a touch up throughout the night. Be sure to carry a compact mirror in your purse so you have something to look in whilst fixing your lippy. Whilst there be sure to check that your makeup and hair are on point, before you say cheese. 

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