Category: Nail Care

August 1, 2019

Using our easy to follow, 13 step process for Perfect Polish Application, you will be able to paint your nails like a pro everytime.    For flawless nail polish application, here’s an easy technique that really works. Step 1. Always thoroughly shake the nail polish prior to use.  Step 2. Apply a base coat to Read More

July 1, 2018

Perfectly painted nails can express your mood or match your outfit, it is an important fashion accessory.  So whether you go for a bright red, glitter or a nearly nude polish, different shades can pose different kinds of problems. For a perfect paint job every time, check out these do-it-yourself manicure secrets. If Nudes are Read More

July 1, 2017

Got nail problems? like brittle, weak, broken, or yellow nails? Your fingernails are used all day long, but too much use – or just plain neglect – can cause a range of problems.  Here is a quick guide to some of the common types of natural nail problems and how to avoid them with a Read More