4 Steps to Glowing Skin

February 1, 2020
Gorgeous, young, brown haired woman with clean fresh skin is touching the face. Light smile on the perfect face.

Radiant, glowing skin is something that every woman strives for. 

Glowing skin comes from within by following a healthy life style via a diet, exercise, sleep, water and a great skin care routine. 

Every woman can achieve glowing skin if they follow our easy to follow 4 step guide.

Step #1. Exfoliate

Glowing skin definitely starts with regular gentle exfoliation. An important step in any skin care routine but one that is most often missed. 

Adding exfoliation to your skin care regime is the key to helping your skin care products work more efficiently.

Using an exfoliating cream twice a week will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

If you have exceptionally dry scaly skin, try using an electronic cleansing brush with an oscillating head that gently eliminates skin-dulling debris like makeup, dirt and surface oil, the cleansing brush will improve your skin tone, texture and overall appearance in a matter of minutes. 

Step #2 Prep

While skincare products can take anything up to 2 months before you normally see results, it’s easy to boost your skin’s appearance by using serums, moisturisers and masks to boost your skin’s appearance with immediate results.

If you are in a hurry, try using a moisturiser that doubles as a self-tanner for a healthy holiday glow.

Step #3. Prime

Primers and skin perfectors can be worn alone or mixed and matched underneath your foundation.  

Using a primer underneath your foundation will help to create a smooth, even surface for your make-up to stick to. 

If pigmentation, blotchiness or a sallow complexion is your problem, then try using CC creams as they will brighten while working to provide a flawless base by counteracting many of the skin tone issues we face each day.

Step #4. Perfect

Illuminiser and cream blush are the ultimate go-to-products. With built-in pigments which capture the light bringing your complexion to life, they are bound to give you the natural glow you are after.

Dab them over your foundation and bronzer, focusing on the high points of your face for the illuminser (cheekbones, nose, Cupid’s bow of your lips) and onto the apples of your cheeks for the blush.

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