5 Tips for a Positive Body Image

August 1, 2020
5 Tips for a Positive Body Image

Follow these 5 Tips for a positive body image and you will learn to accept and love your body, no matter your size or shape. 

According to recent research, women still struggle to love themselves.  We have a few tips that women need to embrace so that we can strive for a positive body image.

Deep down we all want to love and accept our bodies so we spend money on hair, nails, makeup, clothes and accessories, striving to look our best.  

Now more than ever it is important to learn to be loving and caring towards ourselves, by following these 5 tips you will gain a positive body image in no time.

# 1 Build a supportive network

It is easier to feel good about yourself when you are around others who are supportive and nurturing to your needs. Friends and family members that provide encouraging comments and support about a person’s appearance will contribute to a healthy body image. Being around people who embrace their own weight and curves will have a positive body image.

Women aren’t born being dissatisfied with their bodies – it is a consequence of societal factors and pressures from fashion magazines, tv advertisements and music videos creating the unobtainable perfect woman. Every one of us are unique and special, so don’t value yourself based on other people’s ideals.

#2 Shop mannequins need curves

When trying on clothes in a clothing store, choose colours and fabrics that work with (not against) your body shape. Not all clothing trends suit every size and shape, so choose clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good about your body.

Not feeling pressured to be thin will boost your body image too. Mixing with people who don’t focus on dress size helps according to a recent study. The preferred female body shape has changed throughout history.  

In the 1950’s a curvier woman like Marilyn Munroe was considered very attractive, until Lesley Lawson (better known as Twiggy) took the fashion industry by storm in the 1960’s as the new ideal which then encouraged super models to lose weight and be thin.  

Up until recently shop mannequins didn’t have curves but now retailers are introducing normal sized mannequins because they accurately represent the average woman and real women can identify with them. Focus on being healthy and feeling good about your own unique body shape.

#3 Reject the superwoman ideal

Studies suggest that from a young age, girls learn that a successful woman is nurturing, independent, competitive, and sexy. Women who try to be all these things are at risk of body image disorders because they try to control their demanding lives by controlling their weight and appearance.  We need to come back to basics, and focus on our talents and celebrate all our achievements.

#4 Manage stress healthily

Finding a way to manage stress is key to developing more satisfaction with the body you have. Women who have negative body images avoid or distract themselves from their problems – by drinking to excess, binge eating or excessive exercising. 

Many people use food as a stress reliever, so it is important to recognise when your emotions are getting too difficult to manage and find another  strategy to help deal with your emotions instead of masking them with food, alcohol or exercise.

#5 Focus on Health and Fitness

An appreciation of fitness and health is critical to good body image. Studies show when women exercise with a focus on improving fitness and health it actually helps their body confidence. Rather than assessing your body in terms of what it looks like, look at what your body achieves every day. Celebrate all the amazing things your body does for you – walking, running, dancing, breathing, laughing.

It may take time to master all everything before you have an unshakeable positive body image. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and keep faking it until you make it and you will!

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